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Wood Printing Service

Modern meets rustic with our wood printing process. Through this process, the unique element of nature is added to any design or image, achieving a one-of-a-kind wood print piece for your tabletop or wall art. This process allows experiencing natural grain and warm tones on every piece printed. This rustic look definitely has a time and a place, such as areas with low lighting, bars, cabins, etc. This method is ideal for directly printing on doors as well.

Artful Printers' wood printing service in Miami combines the timeless beauty of natural wood with the latest printing technologies. Skilled artisans meticulously select each wooden substrate, ensuring it meets stringent quality standards and complements the unique character of your artwork or design.

Wood Printing Process

To be clear, our process does not involve printing onto a vinyl or film and slapping it onto a piece of wood. The UV ink printing process allows printing the image directly onto the wooden substrate for direct wood printing. The end product replaces the white areas of the print or any area that is bright with strong highlights with the bare, wooden material. This creates an impressive accent and makes photos or art with a lot of white areas or contrast specifically well-suited for wood prints. Edges are cut and polished to create any unique shape or size desired.

State-of-the-art UV printing technology seamlessly integrates your artwork or design into the wood's natural grain, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Vibrant colors and intricate details are brought to life, while the warmth and texture of the wood add an organic, rustic charm unmatched by traditional printing methods.

Experience the exceptional wood printing services offered by Artful Printers in Miami. For more information or to discuss your wood printing project, please contact us or call 305-754-3888 today.

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