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Brushed Aluminum

White Diamond Aluminum Printing

When printing on metal, we use a method that involves direct UV printing on white diamond pearl aluminum (also known as ACM). This material creates a stunning shimmer with a satin sheen without reflections. The ambiance brings elegance to any space. Direct to aluminum photo printing is a refined way to present your art by placing the viewer's focus entirely on your picture. 

Silver Brushed, Gold Brushed, and Mirrored Aluminum 

Direct print on brushed or mirrored aluminum is another option we offer. This ultra-modern look gives your image a luxurious matte finish without reflections. When image is printed on brushed silver, brushed gold, or mirrored aluminum, the white parts of the image are not printed, so the brushed or mirrored surface shines through. It is also very visible in other bright areas of the image, giving the piece an overall metallic sheen. This can create an impressive complimentary effect with your piece. 

All our metal prints are made of weather-resistant material, exhibiting impressive color intensity using UV Color protected technology. This highly-stable and robust aluminum product can even be hung in rooms with lots of moisture or in outdoor areas that are shielded from rain. In addition to art printing, this is an awesome technique for printing the highest quality commercial signage. 

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