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Making a Big Statement: A Complete Guide to Large Format Printing

Published March 24th, 2021 by Artful Printers

Have you considered large format printing for your business? Also known as wide format printing, this refers to printed works that cover larger landscapes.

Large format printing services include printing on blueprints, posters, charts, maps, wall panels, banners, store displays, and much more.

It's a great way for your business to stand out from its competition.

It's also the best way to flaunt your products and services!

Here's what you need to know about the benefits of large format printing.

Variety of Possibilities

As stated in the introduction, large format printing lets you print on different mediums. 

Let's say you've launched a new product that you want to aggressively promote. What impression would your product make if it was displayed on a large poster?

What if your construction firm is planning to build a new shopping complex? Something as detailed as this would be easier to read on a large blueprint.

You also have a variety of printing options with large format printing. Your printing service can use Aqueous, UV, or Solvent printers.

Aqueous printers are great for high-resolution and fast printing. There's a coating that protects the ink from washing away. UV printers are versatile and can print on different mediums. Solvent printers are ideal for outdoor printing projects as they can withstand harsh weather.

Alternative Printing Mediums

Most of the time, you'll want to print your content on posters or canvas for your business. 

However, large format printing also allows you to print on alternative printing mediums.

For example, you can also print on foam boards and corrugated plastic. For displaying, you can print on vinyl and glass.

You've even got the option to print on wood and metal. This is great for both art and commercial printing.

If you want your business to have a unique spin, you want to consider large format printing just for these alternative printing mediums.

Where to Display

So where can your business display large format prints? If you need to promote products, consider printing a poster to display in your store.

If you run a jewelry store, displaying the jewelry on its own won't convince your customers to buy them. When they look up from the jewelry and see a large print of a model wearing the jewelry — they'll be sold!

You can also display blueprints, charts, and maps within your office as references for your staff.

Do you run a logistics business that requires geographical knowledge? Consider getting a world map printed to display in your office. You can also consider printing an organizational chart if you run a large-sized business.

The possibilities are endless with large format printing. They benefit both customers and in-house staff.

Choose Your Large Format Printing Today

Now that you know about large format printing and its benefits, you can choose the right service for your needs.

Start by having a consultation call with your printing service. Make sure your files get formatted for large printing.

Next, choose the best printing mediums for your works. We're sure that large format printing will be a huge boon to your business!

We'd love to help you with providing large format printing services. Learn more about our commercial printing services to see how we can help!

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