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Photographer Spotlight- Steve Daugherty

Published March 27th, 2020 by Artful Printers

Steve is a veteran photographer who has made a career out of his passion behind the camera. Growing up in South Florida, he has always been an avid fisherman. He grew up as a tournament angler, surfer, and recreational fisherman. Even with all the years he has spent on or in the water, he still hasn’t been able to satisfy his insatiable appetite to be a part of and capture marine life.

 As a professional photographer with roots planted prior to the social media era, Steve has made a career out of photography and has done commercial shoots for big name marine companies. With a focus on action shots and underwater photography, he enjoys capturing the most exciting moments on the water.

Steve is a full-time editor and contributor to Florida Sport Fishing Magazine which serves as a career and creative outlet that compliments his commercial and recreational photography. His portfolio is a must see for any marine enthusiast. He has caught and captured just about every species imaginable on camera and has shots that few photographers could ever dream of.

 You can find more information by giving him a follow on Instagram @steve_daughertyphotos.

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