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Premium TruLife Acrylics

Published October 2nd, 2019 by Artful Printers

Artful Printers is a Proud Partner with TruLife Acrylic

TruLife acrylic delivers the highest-resolution viewing experience possible, to truly reflect an artist’s vision with anti-reflective properties and abrasion resistance.

trulife landscape picture

  • Incredible Clarity – Colors as vivid as real life
  • Anti-reflective properties – See your photo instead of your reflection
  • Anti-abrasive properties – Trulife uses tough, durable, scratch resistant acrylic 
  • 99% UV Protection – High UV protection standards prevent the image from fading.

Closer Look at How TruLife® Brings Your Unique Vision to Life

trulife glare picture

Anti-Reflective – See your image, not your Reflection.

TruLife is manufactured with a proprietary anti-reflective coating which virtually eliminates distracting reflections. Many other acrylics have a tendency to glare.

Tough, durable, anti-static, and scratch-resistance.

Unlike other acrylics which attract dust and scratch easily, TruLife is anti-static and scratch-resistant. It offers up to 20 times the protection acrylic and stands up to frequent handling and cleaning.

trulife comparison

Colors as Vivid as Real Life

TruLife Acrylic is formulated to transmit 98% of light in the visible spectrum, resulting in optically brilliant, crisp color vibrancy.
It also offers 99% UV Protection that helps protect your photo from fading.

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